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Our machine park consists of several units, ranging from 80 to 600 tons of processing capacity.


Discover our machinery for plastic molding


At Plastic77, we use cutting-edge technologies to ensure maximum quality and efficiency in the production of plastic parts. Here you can find an overview of our machines and their technical characteristics.


Plastic Molding

Plastic 77 is a leading company in the injection molding sector, distinguished by its high quality machinery park, consisting of 16 units ranging from 80 to 600 tons. We are proud of our flexibility and ability to adapt to the most challenging projects, guaranteeing the production of parts up to 2500 grams.

quality, precision, and reliability

With over 20 years of experience in the bi-material and bi-color molding sector, we offer innovative and customized solutions to our customers, using cutting-edge technologies such as the rotary table and piece transfer. Our expertise and dedication to quality allow us to guarantee maximum precision and reliability in the production of our articles, avoiding errors or deviations from established parameters.

customized solutions

We can meet the needs of a diverse clientele, offering customized solutions for each specific request. Our machinery park can also handle bi-material products, further expanding the processing possibilities and versatility of our plants.


Plastic 77 has extensive experience in molding with the use of nitrogen, which allows us to achieve a significant reduction in weight and an aesthetic improvement in parts with high thicknesses. The technology of emptying inside the parts using nitrogen allows us to eliminate shrinkage in areas of high thickness, ensuring a final result of high quality. This is an example of our ability to adapt to technical challenges and to take advantage of the most advanced technologies to provide innovative solutions to our customers. We are always committed to improving and expanding our skills and technologies, to continue to offer reliable and high-quality solutions to our customers.

technological challenges

IML Molding

IML Molding offers many advantages over traditional decorating techniques. For example, decoration is more resistant to water and chemicals, and the molding process ensures greater precision and uniformity in decoration compared to techniques such as screen printing or pad printing. Furthermore, IML Molding can also be more cost-effective as it requires fewer production steps and thus higher productivity.

Injection of plastic materials in injection molds (IML, "in-mold labeling") is a production process in which plastic labels are fused with the molded part during plastic injection into the mold. Below are three points describing the IML molding process: